Explained: The Grant Process

Many academics, professionals, organizations, and businesses seek out funding by searching for private or public grants. Grants are also known as funding opportunity announcements (FOA). These FOAs are numerated and announced on Grants.gov or through their private funding organizations. The public funding announcements, found on Grants.gov, are typically funded by various federal, state, and local entities, mostly federal. These federal institutions include but are not limited to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Health and Human Services, and many more. These institutions are the funding bodies of many grants which afford organizations and individuals access to funds needed to advance a certain goal.

Once the applicant finds a FOA they identify as fitting their needs, they read the announcement in its entirety to understand if they meet the evaluation criteria and the criteria for qualification. If they do, then they would begin gathering the necessary project-related documents and putting together a grant proposal. These are both separate parts but are critical to the successful submission of a grant proposal for consideration. The grant proposal is a highly technical document that requires a balance between informative writing style and persuasive writing.

The persuasive and technical aspects are often difficult for people to execute and at times many will seek out a grant writer. However, when selecting a grant writer the applicant has to be critical of their experience and knowledge but most importantly of their pricing. Many grant writers charge between 3000-5000 dollars for the completion of a grant proposal. Many will even say they guarantee the work. You should never work with someone who guarantees a process that is inherently not a sure bet. Instead, work with someone who understands your goal and shows a clear direction in how best to approach the grant process. If possible, hire the grant writer to help you find an adequate Funding Opportunity Announcement. If you need advice feel free to reach out to us via our contact form or social media.

Advice: Be sure to submit to multiple Funding Opportunity Announcements to increase your chances of funding.

Please submit any questions you would like answered to our contact form so that we can best provide any additional information you need in a follow-up post!

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